’A house does not only mean pieces of furniture in a room,

but the feeling given to people when entering.’  

Sándor Márai


The most important things in a room for me are: feelings, toughts, impressions and their reflection in architecture, pieces of furniture and accessories. My intention is to represent my client’s feelings and spirits in the room I designed. Experience gained through the past years in interior design helps me to achieve this.

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Interior styling and consultation

I help you to find the opportunities in a property or just refresh the style of your house or flat.

Interior design combined with 3D visualization

It really worth asking for the help of an Interior stylist when buying a new home or new business property. An expert can help you to find out your needs and combines them with the suitable solutions, furniture, lamps and textiles provided on todays global market. You can save time, effort and money when asking for the help of a specialist who will brief you to the relevant show rooms to find what you need. In most cases even preferences unknown by the client itself can be revealed by the help of a professional. All in all you can get closer to your dream home.

It is hard to imagine your future house based on the drafts. Today’s information technology enables us to go for a walk in our home that has not even been built up yet.

Home staging – coming soon

Coming soon…

3D visualization is recommended for you when:

  • Building a new house or refurbishing a flat

  • Investing on the housing market

  • You are a real estate developer

  • Running a commercial unit

My aim is to help my clients with unique style and point of view based upon the latest trends and technical solutions starting from the basics throughout the end of construction. In my opinion the best draft in useless if it is not feasible. During my work I focus on customer satisfaction and mutual cooperation. My experience gained through the past years in building industry and high quality 3D visualisation technics help me to achieve this.


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Modern családi ház
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Modern családi ház
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